Does Your Audience Know, Like, And Trust You?

We're serious about building "authentic relationships" with your audience through storytelling social media ads your sales can 3x in the next 90 days!

Imagine Having A Booked Up Calendar, Sold Out Programs, and Never Needing To Worry About Where Clients Come From Again...

It doesn’t have to only be a dream.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money building your business, right?

Now you're trying everything in your power to market it.

From creating ads to networking on social media, to email blasts and everything in between—

Maybe you know what a funnel is, maybe you don't...

But one thing’s for sure, nothing is working out how you WANT it to.

And (ugh), you just want to book your clients or sell your product and get on with living your LIFE!

It’s frustrating...I get it.

Your competitors are getting more views, sales, and leads than you on Facebook™ and Instagram...

And you realize that it's hard to STAND OUT from the crowd when everyone is shouting at once.

And you can't afford to keep spending endless hours every week trying to figure this out for yourself!

It’s time to get help.

Listen, I understand that you're here likely because your funnel isn't converting the way that you want it to be, or you don't know what a funnel is but have heard you need one (you're right)...

Or maybe your ad strategy is costing you precious time (and a whole lot of money) without the results that you want.

And quite frankly, you're just plain tired of managing the whole thing.

You're done with the never-ending cycle of constantly trying new campaigns, and more importantly- you're done with not being able to grow your business.

I get it.

Trying to figure out funnels can be flat-out confusing when you’re not the expert. And it's time to get help so you can start getting results.

But here's the thing no one's telling you...

The reason you're NOT getting results in your funnel is because you don't have a well written STORY about WHO you are and WHY your prospects should care.

How do you know you don’t have a working funnel (aka: storytelling funnel)?

• You're not getting high-quality leads

• Your ads aren't converting

• Your sales are slow (or you have no sales at all)

What you need is great STORYTELLING in your funnel that shines a light on who YOU are, what you have to OFFER, and WHY your prospect should CARE.

But that's not all you need...

You need to get in front of the right audience!

Your funnel needs to be seen by the right people; interested people... your kind of people!

Now at this point, you might be wondering…

“What IS a Storytelling Funnel?”

Quite simply, it’s a copywriting and ads strategy that builds a connection with your prospects so they can KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you…

Only then will you get your booked-out calendar, sold-out programs, and high converting sales to start growing your business.

And that's the magic in storytelling "trust" funnels!

Hi, my name’s Jayme Morrison-Purbs. I'm the founder of Ad & Copy.

We're a boutique, done-for-you social media advertising agency that writes AUTHENTIC STORYTELLING copy for your advertising sales funnel...

And scales your business through the powerful advertising platform of Facebook™ and Instagram.

This is exactly how I turned my own freelance business into a full-service agency, helping coaches and digital entrepreneurs sell their programs and products.

And here's the thing...

Being an entrepreneur myself, I know how challenging it can be to find the time and resources to write compelling copy, build a sales funnel... and sink all your time into managing your ads (with little results).

When I first started out 10 years ago as an entrepreneur, I tried to DIY it all the way to the top.

I mean, how hard is it to write an ad, or build a sales page, right?


I learned the hard way...and I wasted a LOT of money doing it.

Years later, after spending over $20,000 in copywriting, coaching, and ads management training, I launched my own Advertising Agency to help other entrepreneurs create their dream reality - faster!

So they can SHINE brightly in this world and help more people without wasting their time, energy, and money on strategies that DON'T work.

At Ad & Copy Social Media Advertising Agency, we creates BESPOKE storytelling funnels that help build relationships with your clients... they fall in love with WHO you are and happily PURCHASE from YOU!

We're not about quick wins...scammy copy...or ‘fake scarcity’ here.

We create AUTHENTIC relationships for our clients that in turn, creates long-lasting and sustainable sales.

Because today, it's not enough to be the first one out there to market. You'll crash and burn if you don't have a strategy set in place to build a connection with your prospects.

Smart advertisers today KNOW that sales is about relationships - and if you can build TRUST with your prospect...

If you can invite them in to get to KNOW you..

And if you can get them to sincerely LIKE you...

You'll win their hearts FOREVER.

And the way you get there is through a great STORYTELLING marketing funnel, carefully targeted and powered through a strategic "client attraction" ad campaign on Facebook™ and Instagram.

(the two most powerful platforms)

So, if you want to finally SHINE brightly in this world...if you want to be known for what you do and loved for who you are...we know how to get you there.

Let's talk about your business, who YOU are, and how YOU want to make the world a BETTER place to live in.

Because if you're an entrepreneur at heart, I know you want to make a DIFFERENCE in people's lives.

So let's craft a story that will make YOU shine... through the power of a storytelling funnel.

In TRUE marketing: You're not running an ad campaign- You're telling A STORY!

Ready To Accelerate Your Business Growth With The Power of Storytelling Funnels... Using Facebook™ & Instagram Ads?

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