Does Your Audience Know, Like & Trust You?

Social Media "Storytelling" Ad Campaigns That Attract, Nurture, and Close More Leads Into Dream Clients.

Imagine Having A Booked Up Calendar, Sold Out Programs, and Never Needing To Worry About Where Clients Come From Again...

It doesn’t have to only be a dream.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money building your business, right? Now you're trying everything in your power to market it.

From creating ads to networking on social media, to email blasts and everything in between—

Maybe you know what a sales funnel is, maybe you don't...

But one thing’s for sure, nothing is working out how you WANT it to.

And (ugh), you just want to book your clients or sell your product and get on with living your LIFE!

It’s frustrating...I get it.

Your competitors are getting more views, sales, and leads than you on Facebook™ and Instagram...

And you realize that it's hard to STAND OUT from the crowd when everyone is shouting at once.

And you can't afford to keep spending endless hours every week trying to figure this out for yourself!

It’s time to get help.

Here's the thing... I understand that you're here likely because your marketing strategy isn't converting the way that you want it to be.

Or, maybe you don't know what a "funnel" is but have heard that you need one (you're right)...

It could even be that your ad strategy is costing you precious time (and a whole lot of money) without the results that you want.

And quite frankly, you're just plain tired of managing the whole thing.

You're done with the never-ending cycle of constantly trying new campaigns, and more importantly- you're done with not being able to grow your business.

I get it.

Trying to figure out how to sell your service can be flat-out confusing when you’re not the expert.

But here's the thing no one's telling you...

It doesn't have to be so complicated.

You don't have to spend hours on social media or run yourself ragged with networking events.

In fact, the answer is quite simple:

A well-crafted “Storytelling” Sales Funnel.

A "storytelling" sales funnel is a simple social sales system that allows you to attract and nurture your relationships with potential clients so they get to know, like, and trust you.

It's a process of taking someone from a complete stranger to a "booked" client without having to be 'sales-y.'

But the real 'secret' to making this system work is the authentic story ads that set you apart from the crowd to 'get the click'.

When you can tell your story in a way that is authentic and have it resonate and speak to your dream client's needs...

They come to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you. And when that happens, they are much more likely to do business with you.

And the best part? You don't have to do this alone.

Hi! My name’s Jayme Purbs. I'm the Founder of Ad & Copy Social Media Advertising Agency.

We're a boutique, done-for-you social media advertising agency. We specialize in creating and running high-converting "storytelling" ad campaigns for our clients.

We take the guesswork out of online advertising and use the power of social media to bring you more leads that turn into appointments and customers.

We provide a complete social media ad campaign service that captures the attention of your dream client with direct response copywriting that speaks to the heart of your consumer.

Why Storytelling?

People CONNECT with stories.

That's the beauty of a well-crafted "storytelling" ad campaign - people remember them. And when people remember you, that's when brand awareness turns into sales.

When I first started out in online marketing, I had no clue how to sell my services.

I was so frustrated with all of the conflicting information out there, and I tried everything under the sun to market my business.

Nothing was working the way that I wanted it to.

I was wasting time and money on ads that didn't convert, and networking events that led to nowhere.

That's when I decided to invest over 20K in myself and learn from expert marketing coaches, successful advertising mentors, and some of the best copywriting masters you can find on the planet... so I could finally start getting the results that I wanted.

After years of trial and error...

I finally cracked the code to social media advertising.

I learned how to create "storytelling" sales funnels that allowed me to connect with my potential clients on a deeper level, so I could attract the right audience and grow my business.

Since then, I've used my system to attract 100's of leads for other businesses, nurture them with an "automated" system and help them turn those leads into paying customers.

Now, I want to help YOU get the same results in your business.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you attract, nurture and close more leads into booked appointments and customers with our Storytelling Sales Funnels...

Click below to schedule a free consultation call.

We'll show you how it works and see if we're a good fit to help grow your business.

These are just "some" of the things we hear around here at Ad & Copy...

"This Simple Strategy Has Brought In Over 100 Leads In The First 3 Months"

"I've Finally Found An Agency I Can Trust To Grow My Business"

"Best Decision We Ever Made For Our Business!"

If you finally want to stop the struggle with sales and marketing, we can help.

If you're looking for booked calls and lead automation... we can help.

If you want to take your business to the next level with social media advertising...

We're here to help.

Ready To Learn How To Attract Leads & Sell More Of Your Service?

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